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: Surgery Games

: Feb 18,2014

Compitability   : Android 2.2 and up / iOS 4.3 or later


Types of Nail doctor like Hand Doctor, Monster Nail Doctor, Nail Doctor, Monster Hand Doctor, Kids Nail Doctor. All concepts have touched many of the visitors’ heart. These games have proved one of the best surgery concept ever played in our handset device. Virtual nail surgery concept is now spread all over and visitors are overwhelmed with it. So here is something new heart throbbing surgery game "Animal Nail Doctor" which makes you feel like real. It gives you horrible look though jungle environment to feel in jungle. So grab it and feel it

Features of this game is as under:
=> Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it
=> Shower is used to remove clay or any dust from injury.
=> Dryer is used to suck the water and kill small germs by its warm air.
=> Germs killer is used to kill the germs with animating way with attractive sound
=> Pus remover is used to remove a pus.
=> Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds.
=> Ice is used for remove swelling
=> X-ray is used to scan your toe.
=> Painkiller-Spay used to relief from toe pain.
=> Colorful and funky bandage for your injury.
=> Cream facility for saving your toe and nail from infection.
=> Plaster is used to recover your Toe to be as before injury. And the funny thing in it is you can do colorful paint over the plaster.
=> Multiple Tattoos to decorate your hand or leg
=> Fabulous Paint to paint your captured image with no of brush, colors, tattoos.

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