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GameiMax is a leading IT service and solution provider company based in India which deals with mobile app development and also offers website and web application development services based on different mobile operating system and using the latest tools and technologies. Our company has vast experience and expertise in offshore mobile application development and has successfully developed mobile applications based on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems. We have developed mobile applications for overseas clients such as USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France etc. and other countries around the world.

The mission of GameiMax is to build and develop long term relationship with clients around the globe. We focus on maintaining relationship with our existing client by providing the best service and upgrades and develop relationship with new or prospective client by providing the best features, services or products with latest technology and functionality. Our team of mobile app development at GameiMax develops extraordinary and outstanding mobile applications and websites in such a manner that they provide increased number of customers to the clients and guarantee high Returns on their Investment (ROI). The motto of GameiMax is to provide quality and reliable product or service to the client in such a manner that client is fully satisfied and development of the project should be within the client's budget.

At GameiMax, our team of offshore mobile application development develops range of mobile applications which includes iPhone app development, iPad app development, Android, Windows and BlackBerry app development etc. GameiMax is a leading iPad app development company and we offer customized iPad applications to meet the needs of our customers. Our app development team develops stunning, interesting and unique applications which are smart, robust and user friendly. Our team of app development develops outstanding and dynamic applications as per the client’s needs and requirements. Our application development team develops different iPad applications such as business applications, games development, web applications, entertainment and fun apps, eBooks, music, video etc.

Our team of experienced and professional iPhone app development creates different iPhone5 Applications and iPhone5 Games. Our app development team has a versatile combination of special skills, knowledge and creativity to develop custom iPhone5 apps. The new A6 chip used in Apple iPhone 5 has 1.2GHz processor, while the iPhone 4S was only having 1GHz processor. This makes the use of iPhone 5 much faster and smoother. The graphics and touch sensitivity has improved a lot compared to older versions of Apple iPhones. So our team of iOS 6 apps development can develop applications which require higher processing speed and performance.

At GameiMax, we always ensure that our team of mobile app development always stays updated to latest technology, updates and upgrades so that develop the best and mind blowing mobile applications to suit the client’s needs. We have highly experienced and professional teams of iPhone app development and iPad app development who have a lot of technical, logical and analytical skills and can successfully develop range of mobile applications no matter they are simple or complex. Our versatile knowledge base and service has made the best choice for mobile application development among the clients around the world.

Our team of offshore mobile application development is always ready to take new challenges and always welcome any suggestions from the client in a positive way. The company is emerging and growing rapidly and putting the best efforts to improve or upgrade in the changing world of Information Technology. If you are looking for mobile app development, then you can Contact Us and our team will get back to you with the solutions to meet and fulfill your needs.

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